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  • This page displays the list of Summer 2020 courses filtered by subject.  Note: Please be advised this schedule may be subject to change; there is a 2 hour delay in the data displayed. For up-to-date information, please refer to my.fordham class schedule.
  • To view the details of a particular course, click its CRN.
  • To view past course evaluations, please click here. You can select to view by faculty, section or term.
  • The table below can be sorted in ascending/descending order by clicking on one of the column headers.
  • LL.M. Programs: CC (Corporate Compliance);  BCF (Banking, Corporate Finance);  IBT (International Business and Trade);  IDR (International Dispute Resolution);  IPIT (Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law);  INLJ (International Law and Justice);  FASH (Fashion Law);  RE (Real Estate Law)
  • M.S.L. Programs: MSLC (MSL Corporate Compliance);  MSLF (MSL Fashion Law).
  • J.D. Concentrations:
    Business and Financial Law Intellectual Property and Information Law International Comparative and Foreign Law Litigation and Dispute Resolution Law Public Interest and Service Law
    BFF Foundation
    BFE Elective
    BFS Experiential
    IPIF Foundation
    IPIE Elective
    IPIS Experiential
    ICF Foundation
    ICE Elective
    ICS Experiential
    LDF Foundation
    LDE Elective
    LDS Experiential
    PIF Foundation
    PIE Elective
    PIS Experiential

  • Other Requirements:  EXP (Experiential, only applicable for J.D. students entering Fall 2016 or later);  PS (Professional Skills, only applicable for J.D. students entering prior to Fall 2016);  PR (Professional Responsibility);  WR REQ (Writing Requirement )
12068ADGL-0302-051Administrative Law4.00Shugerman, Jed ETR06:00PM - 08:50PM TBA.PIF, LPI INLJYES
11459RHGL-0101-001Advanced Legal Research Essentials1.00Fishman, Jacob GU03:00PM - 03:50PMOnline class with virtual meetings on May 31, June 7, 14, 21, & 28 plus asynchronous sessionsTBA. EXP NO
12140RHGL-0101-002Advanced Legal Research: Essentials1.00Kearney, Janet CM04:00PM - 05:50PMOnline class with some virtual meetings at the scheduled time. See syllabus.TBA. EXP NO
11490CPGL-0349-051Business Organizations and The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act2.00Koehler, Mike / Lafferty, Ellen EFS10:00AM - 12:50PMCondensed two weekend course: Meets June 5, 6, 12 & 13, 2020TBA.  CC, BCF, MSLCYES
12204CPGL-0349-052Business Organizations and The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act1.00Lafferty, Ellen EFS10:00AM - 12:50PM TBA.  CC, BCF, MSLCYES
11490CPGL-0349-051Business Organizations and The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Koehler, Mike / Lafferty, Ellen EFS02:00PM - 05:00PMCondensed two weekend course: Meets June 5, 6, 12 & 13, 2020TBA.  CC, BCF, MSLCYES
12204CPGL-0349-052Business Organizations and The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Lafferty, Ellen EFS02:00PM - 05:00PM TBA.  CC, BCF, MSLCYES
11489BUGL-0291-071Comparative Corporate Law2.00Gelter, MartinM06:00PM - 08:50PMPre- or Co-requisite: CorporationsTBA.BFE, ICEWR REQBCF, IBTYES
11460FCGL-0102-051Constitutional Law4.00Landau, Joseph BMW06:00PM - 09:00PM TBA.   YES
11461BUGL-0201-051Corporations4.00Gentile, Caroline MTR06:00PM - 09:00PM TBA.  BCF, IBT, IPIT, MSLCYES
11501CLGL-1307-051Externship Judicial Seminar1.00DiDomenico, Catherine MT06:00PM - 07:50PM TBA.LDSEXP NO
11504CLGL-1307-053Externship Judicial Seminar1.00TBAM06:00PM - 07:50PM TBA.LDSEXP NO
11507CLGL-0303-051Externship: Civil Fieldwork2.00Tillona, Thomas M.TBA TBA. EXP NO
11515CLGL-0303-052Externship: Civil Fieldwork2.00TBA.TBA TBA. EXP NO
11516CLGL-1303-052Externship: Civil Seminar1.00TBAW06:00PM - 07:50PM TBA. EXP NO
11508CLGL-1303-051Externship: Civil, Government and Non-Profit Seminar1.00Tillona, Thomas MT06:00PM - 07:50PM TBA. EXP NO
11499CLGL-0305-052Externship: Criminal Justice Fieldwork2.00Cohn, David M.TBA TBA.LDSEXP NO
11500CLGL-1305-052Externship: Criminal Justice Seminar1.00Cohn, David MT06:00PM - 07:50PM TBA.LDSEXP NO
11509CLGL-0313-051Externship: Intellectual Property Fieldwork2.00Rosenthal, Noga.TBA TBA.IPISEXP NO
11510CLGL-1313-051Externship: Intellectual Property Seminar1.00Rosenthal, NogaW06:00PM - 07:50PM TBA.IPISEXP NO
11495CLGL-0307-052Externship: Judicial Fieldwork2.00Cohn, David M.TBA TBA.LDSEXP NO
11502CLGL-0307-051Externship: Judicial Fieldwork2.00DiDomenico, Catherine M.TBA TBA.LDSEXP NO
11503CLGL-0307-053Externship: Judicial Fieldwork2.00TBA.TBA TBA.LDSEXP NO
11496CLGL-1307-052Externship: Judicial Seminar1.00Cohn, David MW06:00PM - 07:50PM TBA.LDSEXP NO
11511CLGL-0312-052Externship: Out-Of-Town Fieldwork2.00Lazebnik, Ron.TBA TBA. EXP NO
11512CLGL-1312-005Externship: Out-Of-Town Seminar1.00Lazebnik, Ron.TBA TBA. EXP NO
11497CLGL-1311-005Externship: Stein Scholar Seminar1.00Gutierrez, RoxannaT06:00PM - 07:50PM TBA. EXP NO
11505CLGL-0311-053Externship: Stein Scholars Fieldwork2.00Charland, Stacy E.TBA TBA. EXP NO
11506CLGL-1311-053Externship: Stein Scholars Seminar1.00Charland, Stacy EW06:00PM - 07:50PM TBA. EXP NO
11498CLGL-0311-054Externship:Stein Scholars Fieldwork2.00Gutierrez, Roxanna.TBA TBA. EXP NO
11839ITGL-0371-071Human Rights and Resolving International Conflict Resolution: A Northern Ireland Perspective3.00Martin, Michael W / Feerick, John D.TBA TBA.   NO
11462CMGL-0399-051Information Law Survey4.00Sylvain, Olivier AMW06:00PM - 09:00PM TBA.IPIF CC, IPIT, MSLCYES
11465CRGL-0360-071International Criminal Law2.00Martin, Michael W.TBAIreland Abroad CourseTBA.ICE INLJYES
11566ITGL-0516-051International Law3.00Galizzi, Paolo / Wickeri, ElisabethTR06:00PM - 08:15PM TBA.ICF IBT, INLJYES
11487CRGL-0829-071International White Collar Crime3.00Lee, Youngjae.TBAKorea Abroad CourseTBA.   NO
11469ITGL-0295-071Introduction to Intellectual Property Law3.00Lazebnik, Ron.TBAIreland Abroad CourseTBA.IPIE, ICE  YES
11466CLGL-0937-071Ireland Summer Externship Fieldwork2.00Martin, Michael W.TBAIreland Abroad CourseTBA.   NO
11468CLGL-1937-071Ireland Summer Externship Seminar1.00Martin, Michael W.TBAIreland Abroad CourseTBA.   NO
11484CLGL-0936-071Korea Summer Externship Fieldwork2.00Lee, Youngjae.TBAKorea Abroad CourseTBA.   NO
11486CLGL-0936-072Korea Summer Externship Fieldwork1.00Lee, Youngjae.TBAKorea Abroad CourseTBA.   NO
11485CLGL-1936-071Korea Summer Externship Seminar1.00Lee, Youngjae.TBAKorea Abroad CourseTBA.   NO
11464ITGL-0226-051Law Pract Sem: Grad Students1.00Jaeger Fine, Toni MT06:00PM - 07:50PM TBA. EXP YES
11463ITGL-0123-051Law Practice Fieldwork for Graduate Students2.00Jaeger Fine, Toni M.TBA TBA. EXP, PS YES
11488COGL-0321-051Secured Transactions3.00Chin, Sylvia FTR06:00PM - 08:15PM TBA.BFE BCFYES