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  • This page displays the list of Spring 2020 courses filtered by subject.  Note: Please be advised this schedule may be subject to change; there is a 2 hour delay in the data displayed. For up-to-date information, please refer to my.fordham class schedule.
  • To view the details of a particular course, click its CRN.
  • To view past course evaluations, please click here. You can select to view by faculty, section or term.
  • The table below can be sorted in ascending/descending order by clicking on one of the column headers.
  • LL.M. Programs: CC (Corporate Compliance);  BCF (Banking, Corporate Finance);  IBT (International Business and Trade);  IDR (International Dispute Resolution);  IPIT (Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law);  INLJ (International Law and Justice);  FASH (Fashion Law);  RE (Real Estate Law)
  • M.S.L. Programs: MSLC (MSL Corporate Compliance);  MSLF (MSL Fashion Law).
  • J.D. Concentrations:
    Business and Financial Law Intellectual Property and Information Law International Comparative and Foreign Law Litigation and Dispute Resolution Law Public Interest and Service Law
    BFF Foundation
    BFE Elective
    BFS Experiential
    IPIF Foundation
    IPIE Elective
    IPIS Experiential
    ICF Foundation
    ICE Elective
    ICS Experiential
    LDF Foundation
    LDE Elective
    LDS Experiential
    PIF Foundation
    PIE Elective
    PIS Experiential

  • Other Requirements:  EXP (Experiential, only applicable for J.D. students entering Fall 2016 or later);  PS (Professional Skills, only applicable for J.D. students entering prior to Fall 2016);  PR (Professional Responsibility);  WR REQ (Writing Requirement )
35515CLGL-0204-001Access to Justice Seminar2.00Green, Bruce A / Udell, David ST02:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW3-05 WR REQ NO
35507ACGL-0329-051Accounting for Lawyers2.00Katsoris, ConstantineR06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW7-02BFF CC, BCF, MSLCYES
26164CLGL-0426-051Advanced Appellate Advocacy3.00Marsh, Michelle MR06:00PM - 08:50PM W62LAW3-06 EXP, PS NO
27638CLGL-060-051Advanced Arbitration Practicum: International2.00Gallo, Robert DT08:00PM - 09:50PM W62LAW4-06 PS NO
38439BUGL-0202-001Advanced Business Law1.00Griffith, Sean JR02:00PM - 03:50PMCondensed semester course: meets Jan 16 - Feb 27, 2020W62LAW3-08 WR REQBCFYES
17870CLGL-0378-001Advanced Client Counseling3.00White, David MM09:00AM - 11:50AMWaitlist CourseW62LAW9-01 EXP, PS YES
39514IPGL-0307-001Advanced Copyright Law2.00Hansen, Hugh CW02:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW4-04IPIEWR REQIPITYES
30076RHGL-0101-005Advanced Legal Research Essentials1.00Kearney, Janet CM06:00PM - 07:50PMCondensed Course:meets 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, 3/30, 4/6, 4/13 & 4/20, 2020 Waitlist CourseW62LAW5-03 EXP NO
32517RHGL-0207-001Advanced Legal Research Law Practice Technology2.00Dixon, Jennifer AR02:00PM - 03:50PMWaitlist CourseW62LAW5-03 EXP, PS YES
32566RHGL-0206-002Advanced Legal Research: Copyright, Trademark, and Patent2.00Leong, KellyT04:00PM - 05:50PMWaitlist CourseW62LAW5-03IPISEXP, PSIPITYES
32570RHGL-0205-002Advanced Legal Research: Foreign and International Law2.00Kearney, Janet CR04:00PM - 05:50PMWaitlist CourseW62LAW5-03ICEEXP, PSIBT, INLJ, IDRYES
32565RHGL-0201-001Advanced Legal Research: Taxation1.00McDonald, Gail KM02:00PM - 03:50PMWaitlist Course. Condensed semester: class meets 1/22, 1/27, 2/3, 2/10, 2/24, 3/2, 3/9/2020W62LAW5-03 EXP NO
27625RHGL-0101-004Advanced Legal Research: Workshop3.00Black-Dorward, AlissaMW11:00AM - 12:25PMWaitlist CourseW62LAW5-03 EXP, PS NO
11828LTGL-0302-051Advanced Legal Writing Strategies and Skills3.00Cohen, Arnold SW06:30PM - 09:20PMWaitlist Course Only one drafting class permitted per semesterW62LAW3-05LDS, PISEXP, PS NO
27595CLGL-0459-051Advanced Mediation and Negotiation Practicum1.00Mazanitis, Nicole MM06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW2-01A   NO
36604CLGL-0425-051Advanced Trial and Arbitration Advocacy3.00Kramer, Amanda KM06:00PM - 08:50PM W62LAW1-01LDFPS NO
36424SKGL-0780-001Advising the Global Commercial Client2.00Mandarino, Lucia JM09:00AM - 10:50AMLL.M. Students OnlyW62LAW3-07 EXPBCF, IBTYES
32511PRGL-0299-051Affordable Housing, Law Practice and Policy2.00Lynch, Joseph JM06:00PM - 07:50PMFirst class meeting, January 27, 2020W62LAW3-06PIE INLJYES
27618CPGL-0313-051Anti-Money Laundering2.00Forman, Marcy / Goldblatt, Bonnie WT06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW2-01A  CC, BCF, IBT, INLJ, MSLCYES
15862ITGL-0936-001Antitrust - International Cross Border Mergers2.00Bernard, Kent SM10:30AM - 12:20PM W62LAW3-06ICE BCF, IBTYES
39518ATGL-1017-001Antitrust and High Technology2.00Patterson, Mark RR02:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW4-01  BCF, IBT, IPITYES
38450ATGL-0309-001Antitrust Law4.00Patterson, Mark RTR02:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW4-01BFE, IPIF, PIE BCF, IBTYES
16853CLGL-0322-001Arbitration: Domestic and International Perspectives2.00Moxley, Charles JM06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW3-05ICE, LDEWR REQIDRYES
41145CLGL-0105-001Av Sem In Leg & Policy1.00Cooper, Elizabeth BR11:00AM - 12:00PM W62LAW9-04   YES
15759ITGL-0215-001Aviation Law2.00Fearon, Stephen JM04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW3-06 WR REQBCF, IBTYES
38441BRGL-0312-001Bankruptcy3.00Gropper, Allan LMW09:30AM - 10:55AM W62LAW4-09BFE, PIE BCFYES
36772IPGL-0693-051Blockchain, Virtual Currencies, and Tokens: Business and Legal Issues2.00Redel, Donna CM04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW4-08  CC, BCF, IPIT, MSLCYES
35502CNGL-0204-001Business Contracts4.00Bagchi, AditiMW10:30AM - 12:20PM W62LAW4-08BFEWR REQBCF, IBTYES
39505CRGL-0230-001Capital Punishment2.00Greenwald, Stephen RR02:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW4-04PIE INLJYES
27514LTGL-0310-053Civil Litigation Drafting3.00Corwin, Neil M / Daughtry, Emily ER06:00PM - 08:50PMWaitlist Course. Only one drafting class permitted per semester.W62LAW3-07LDS, PISEXP, PS NO
38449LTGL-0310-051Civil Litigation Drafting3.00Alfandary, FrancineM06:00PM - 08:50PMWaitlist Course. Only one drafting class permitted per semester.W62LAW3-07LDS, PISEXP NO
32313CVGL-0101-004Civil Procedure 3 and 44.00Erichson, Howard MW10:00AM - 11:50AM W62LAW3-03   NO
32313CVGL-0101-004Civil Procedure 3 and 4 Erichson, Howard MF11:00AM - 12:50PM W62LAW3-03   NO
38427CVGL-0101-005Civil Procedure 5 and 64.00Shahshahani, SepehrW02:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW3-04   NO
38427CVGL-0101-005Civil Procedure 5 and 6 Shahshahani, SepehrF09:30AM - 11:20AM W62LAW3-04   NO
38429CVGL-0101-001Civil Procedure 7 and 84.00Landau, Joseph BM10:00AM - 11:50AM W62LAW3-02   NO
38429CVGL-0101-001Civil Procedure 7 and 8 Landau, Joseph BF09:00AM - 10:50AM W62LAW3-02   NO
30106CVGL-0101-003Civil Procedure 94.00Arkin, Marc MTR06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW3-03   NO
27558EVGL-0290-051Climate Change Law and Policy2.00Schaaf, EricM06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW7-02  IBT, INLJYES
38641CLGL-0219-001Clinic Casework: Corporate Social Responsibility3.00Galizzi, Paolo / Smith Ewing, Emily A.TBA TBA.ICS, PISEXP, PSINLJYES
27547CLGL-0366-001Clinic Casework: Family Advocacy3.00Hill, Leah A.TBAStudents must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.TBA.LDS, LDF, PISEXP, PSINLJYES
35519CLGL-0298-001Clinic Casework: Immigration Rights3.00Solimene, Gemma / Lee, Deborah / Kim, Katherine P.TBAStudents must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.TBA.ICS, LDS, LDF, PISEXP, PSIBT, INLJYES
36432CLGL-0722-001Clinic on Democracy and the Constitution Casework3.00Feerick, John D / Rogan, John.TBAStudents must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.TBA. EXP NO
36431CLGL-0712-001Clinic on Democracy and the Constitution Seminar2.00Feerick, John D / Rogan, JohnT02:00PM - 03:50PMStudents must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.W62LAW7-02 EXP, PS NO
38640CLGL-0215-001Clinic Seminar: Corporate Social Responsibility2.00Galizzi, Paolo / Smith Ewing, Emily AT10:30AM - 12:20PM W62LAW3-08ICS, PISEXPBCF, IBT, INLJYES
20214CLGL-0365-001Clinic Seminar: Family Advocacy2.00Hill, Leah A / Economos, Kaela AW01:00PM - 03:50PM Students must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.W62LAW9-04LDS, LDF, PISEXP, PSINLJYES
38895CLGL-0299-991Clinic Seminar: Immigrants' Rights2.00Solimene, Gemma / Lee, Deborah / Kim, Katherine PW01:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW7-03ICS, LDS, LDF, PISEXPIBT, INLJYES
13055CLGL-0335-002Clinic Seminar: Mediation3.00Nolan-Haley, JacquelineT02:00PM - 04:50PM Students must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.W62LAW3-06LDS, LDFEXP, PSIDRYES
12489COGL-0315-001Commercial Arbitration2.00Friedman, George HR04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW3-06LDEWR REQBCF, IDRYES
11844LTGL-0301-051Commercial Drafting3.00Alfandary, FrancineT06:00PM - 08:50PMWaitlist Course. Only one drafting class permitted per semester.W62LAW3-07BFSEXP, PS NO
28085LTGL-0301-006Commercial Drafting3.00Jalil, James PM02:00PM - 04:50PMWaitlist Course. Only one drafting class permitted per semester.W62LAW3-07BFSEXP, PS NO
27328COGL-0321-001Commercial Finance-Secured Transactions3.00Chiang, Yung FTR04:00PM - 05:25PM W62LAW4-07BFE BCFYES
28147COGL-0213-001Commercial Technology and Intellectual Property Transactions2.00Halket, Thomas D / Ferdinand III, Edmund JR02:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW3-09IPIE IPITYES
38442COGL-0318-001Commercial Transactions3.00Johnson, Nicholas JW01:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW3-09BFE BCFYES
11851CLGL-0392-001Community Economic Development Clinic Casework3.00Glick, Brian.TBAStudents must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.TBA.PISEXP, PSINLJYES
11849CLGL-0391-001Community Economic Development Clinic Seminar2.00Glick, BrianT03:00PM - 05:50PM Students must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.W62LAW9-01PISEXP, PSINLJYES
39400COGL-0402-001Comparative Entrepreneurial Law2.00Lazebnik, Ron / Grant, Bernice AW02:00PM - 03:50PMContact to complete applicationW62LAW4-05   YES
38708CVGL-0420-001Complex Litigation3.00Erichson, Howard MMW02:00PM - 03:25PM W62LAW3-03LDF  NO
30330INGL-0312-001Compliance Capstone3.00Mascola, RobertM06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW5-02  CC, MSLCYES
38443CPGL-0620-051Compliance Risk Assessment2.00Jaber, Valerie- LM06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW4-08  CC, INLJ, MSLCYES
23111CVGL-0262-001Conflict Management Systems Design2.00Costantino, Cathy AF12:15PM - 05:30PMCondensed Course: Meeting Dates: Jan. 31; Feb. 1, 21 & 22, 2020W62LAW3-05LDE INLJ, IDRYES
23111CVGL-0262-001Conflict Management Systems Design Costantino, Cathy AS09:00AM - 05:30PMCondensed Course: Meeting Dates: Jan. 31; Feb. 1, 21 & 22, 2020W62LAW3-05LDE INLJ, IDRYES
35405CVGL-0405-001Conflict of Laws2.00Arkin, Marc MW02:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW7-02LDF IDRYES
27711CVGL-0780-001Congressional Investigations2.00Moyer, ThomasS10:00AM - 01:30PMCondensed Course: Class meets Jan 25, Feb 1, 22, 29, March 28 & April 4, 18, 2020W62LAW3-06  INLJYES
38430FCGL-0102-001Constitutional Law 1 and 24.00Kent, James AndrewWF11:00AM - 12:50PM W62LAW3-02   NO
38431FCGL-0102-002Constitutional Law 3 and 44.00Powell, CatherineTR02:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW3-02   NO
38432FCGL-0102-003Constitutional Law 5 and 64.00Higgins, Tracy EMW09:30AM - 11:20AM W62LAW3-01   NO
38433FCGL-0102-004Constitutional Law 7 and 84.00Brettschneider, CoreyMW02:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW4-02   NO
35524CNGL-0104-001Contracts 1 and 24.00Bender, Helen HTR02:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW3-01   NO
11868BUGL-0325-001Corporate Finance4.00Gentile, Caroline MTR02:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW4-07BFF BCFYES
25516BRGL-0336-001Corporate Reorganization in Bankruptcy4.00Squire, Richard CTR04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW3-04BFE BCF, IBTYES
20203BUGL-0590-001Corporate Transactions: Finance and Litigation3.00McDermott, Richard TTR04:00PM - 05:25PM W62LAW4-09  BCFYES
11880BUGL-0201-001Corporations4.00Gelter, MartinTR04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW3-03  BCF, IBT, MSLCYES
30122BUGL-0201-002Corporations4.00Griffith, Sean JTR10:30AM - 12:20PM W62LAW3-04  BCF, IBT, MSLCYES
38559BUGL-0201-02Corporations4.00Teachout, Zephyr RMW10:30AM - 12:20PM W62LAW4-02  BCF, IBT, MSLCYES
38452BUGL-0201-HBDCorporations (Hybrid)4.00Colon, Jeffrey MM06:00PM - 07:50PMCourse meets in-class and online. Initially open to JD evening students. Open to day students on Oct. 30 at 5:00pm. JD students only.W62LAW4-01   NO
36372CPGL-0409-051Cosmetics Regulation2.00Nadal, Vanessa A / Bing, ClaireW06:30PM - 08:20PM W62LAW2-01A  FASHYES
36192SKGL-0156-051Counseling and Advocacy in Intellectual Property and Information Technology Matters2.00Asbell, Matthew DM06:00PM - 07:50PMLLM Students OnlyW62LAW4-09 EXPIPITYES
11888CLGL-0373-001Criminal Defense Clinic Casework3.00Bader, Cheryl G / Rayner, Martha G.TBAStudents must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.TBA.LDS, LDF, PISEXP, PSINLJ, IDRYES
25534CRGL-0103-051Criminal Law 93.00Denno, Deborah WW06:30PM - 09:20PM W62LAW3-01   NO
38500CRGL-0402-001Criminal Law Speaker Series1.00Denno, Deborah WT10:30AM - 12:20PMCondensed semester course. Meets Jan 21, 28, Feb 4, 11, 18 & March 3, 10, 2020W62LAW8-01   NO
38444CRGL-0232-001Criminal Law Theory2.00Lee, YoungjaeR10:30AM - 12:20PM W62LAW4-04PIF INLJYES
27631LTGL-0230-051Criminal Litigation Drafting3.00Costello, Mark AR06:00PM - 08:50PMWaitlist Course. Only one drafting class permitted per semester.W62LAW4-03LDS, PISEXP, PS NO
37090CRGL-0325-051Criminal Procedure: Adjudication3.00Greenberg, EthanW06:30PM - 09:20PM W62LAW4-02LDF, PIE INLJ, IDRYES
38448CRGL-0323-001Criminal Procedure: Investigative3.00Capra, Daniel JMW11:00AM - 12:25PM W62LAW3-04LDF, PIE INLJ, IDRYES
32571ITGL-0963-051Crimmigration: The Intersection of Immigration and Criminal Law and Procedure2.00Dunn, ScottM06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW4-03  INLJYES
11899CVGL-0408-001Discovery and Pre-Trial Process1.00Shwartz, Patty / Falk, MarkT03:00PM - 05:50PMCondensed semester course 3 Class meeting dates: 21 & 28, & Feb 11, 2020 & 1 court visitW62LAW4-06   NO
30276LTGL-0129-051Discovery Drafting2.00Balaban, Rachel GW06:30PM - 08:20PMWaitlist Course. Only one drafting class permitted per semester.W62LAW4-03LDSEXP, PS NO
27619CPGL-0302-051E-Law in the Global Setting: Data Safeguards and Electronic Evidence Challenges2.00Rashbaum, Kenneth NW06:30PM - 08:20PM W62LAW7-02IPIE CC, IBT, IPIT, IDR, MSLCYES
41066JUGL-0227-051Election Law & The Presidency2.00Goldfeder, Jerry HR06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW3-08PIEWR REQINLJYES
13093CVGL-0291-001Electronic Discovery and Information Governance2.00Cohen, Adam IM01:00PM - 02:50PM W62LAW4-07LDF IDRYES
38445LBGL-0334-051Employment Discrimination3.00Teich, Lisa JW06:30PM - 09:20PM W62LAW3-02PIE BCF, INLJYES
39634EVGL-0751-001Energy Law3.00Diamond, KimberlyT09:30AM - 12:20PM W62LAW3-06   YES
17883ETGL-0336-051Entertainment Law2.00Dessler, Derek CW06:30PM - 08:20PM W62LAW4-09IPIE IPITYES
30085LTGL-0156-001Entertainment Law Drafting3.00Levinson, Karen JW10:00AM - 12:50PMWaitlist Course. Only one drafting class permitted per semester.W62LAW4-06IPISEXP, PS NO
34309CLGL-0752-001Entrepreneurial Law Clinic Casework3.00Grant, Bernice A.TBAStudents must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.TBA.BFSEXP, PS YES
34308CLGL-0750-001Entrepreneurial Law Clinic Seminar2.00Grant, Bernice AT02:00PM - 03:50PMStudents must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.W62LAW3-07BFSEXP, PS YES
38446EVGL-0337-001Environmental Law3.00Johnson, Nicholas JT02:00PM - 04:50PM W62LAW3-09PIE INLJYES
11919EDGL-0202-002Evidence4.00Kainen, James LTR04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW4-02LDF IDRYES
19112EDGL-0202-051Evidence4.00Capra, Daniel JM06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW3-04LDF IDRYES
19112EDGL-0202-051Evidence Capra, Daniel JW06:30PM - 08:20PM W62LAW3-04LDF IDRYES
30853LBGL-0906-051Executive Compensation and Employee Benefits Law2.00Zuber, AryehR06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW8-01   YES
12825CLGL-0303-001Externship: Civil Fieldwork2.00Tillona, Thomas M.TBA TBA.LDSEXP NO
16089CLGL-0303-003Externship: Civil Fieldwork2.00Jacobs, Gail.TBA TBA.LDSEXP NO
12826CLGL-1303-051Externship: Civil Seminar1.00Tillona, Thomas MM06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW3-09LDSEXP NO
16090CLGL-1303-003Externship: Civil Seminar1.00Jacobs, GailR04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW8-01LDSEXP NO
29011CLGL-0305-001Externship: Criminal Justice Fieldwork2.00Fodeman, Morris J.TBA TBA.LDSEXP NO
29010CLGL-1305-001Externship: Criminal Justice Seminar1.00Fodeman, Morris JT06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW7-03LDSEXP NO
20193CLGL-0313-051Externship: Intellectual Property Fieldwork2.00Ma, Jesse K.TBA TBA.IPISEXP NO
20192CLGL-1313-051Externship: Intellectual Property Seminar1.00Ma, Jesse KW06:30PM - 08:20PM W62LAW5-02IPISEXP NO
12827CLGL-0307-053Externship: Judicial Fieldwork2.00Klein Heitler, Sherry.TBA TBA.LDSEXP NO
12830CLGL-0307-052Externship: Judicial Fieldwork2.00Cohn, David M.TBA TBA.LDSEXP NO
12829CLGL-1307-053Externship: Judicial Seminar1.00Klein Heitler, SherryM06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW9-05LDSEXP NO
12831CLGL-1307-002Externship: Judicial Seminar1.00Cohn, David MT06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW4-06LDSEXP NO
25808CLGL-0390-001Externship: New York City Council Fieldwork2.00Popa, Laura J.TBA TBA. EXP NO
25807CLGL-1390-001Externship: New York City Council Seminar1.00Popa, Laura JF01:00PM - 02:50PMLocation: Off SiteTBA. EXP NO
39545CLGL-0092-001Externship: New York City Law Department - Environmental Law Fieldwork2.00Schmid, Kathleen / Goodrich, Devon.TBA TBA. EXP NO
39544CLGL-0099-001Externship: New York City Law Department - Environmental Law Seminar1.00Goodrich, Devon / Schmid, KathleenM06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW4-06 EXP NO
39811CLGL-0229-001Externship: Voting Rights Fieldwork2.00Grossman, Perry M.TBA TBA. EXP NO
39808CLGL-0291-001Externship: Voting Rights Seminar1.00Grossman, Perry MR04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW3-08 EXP NO
38910DRGL-0337-001Family Law3.00Huntington, ClareTR09:00AM - 10:25AM W62LAW3-01PIE INLJYES
15967IPGL-0510-051Fashion Law and Finance2.00Wassner, Brien / Hellman, JeffreyM06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW4-04ICE BCF, FASH, MSLFYES
28831INGL-0311-001Fashion Law Capstone Thesis3.00Scafidi, Susan M / Trexler, Jeffrey AT06:00PM - 07:50PMBy permission. LLM and MSL onlyW62LAW3-05  FASH, MSLFYES
39403LTGL-0972-001Fashion Law Drafting2.00Farber, Melissa J / Jefferson, Karyn DR04:00PM - 05:50PM Only one drafting class permitted perásemester. semester.W62LAW3-07  FASHYES
28338IPGL-0329-051Fashion Law Practicum3.00Checa Chong, Jana N / Maltbie, JohnR06:00PM - 07:50PMBy permission onlyW62LAW4-09IPISEXP, PSFASH, MSLFYES
35574IPGL-0781-001Fashion Licensing2.00Byun, AngieU10:00AM - 01:00PMCondensed semester: Class meets 2/16, 2/23, 3/1, 3/8, 3/29, & 4/5, 4/19, 4/26W62LAW8-01IPIEEXP, PSFASH, IPIT, MSLFYES
27550CVGL-0342-001Federal Courts4.00Kent, James AndrewTR10:30AM - 12:20PM W62LAW4-09LDF, PIF IDRYES
11927CLGL-0359-001Federal Litigation Clinic Casework3.00Martin, Michael W / Louis-Jeune, Jennifer R / Weinstein, Ian S.TBAStudents must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.TBA.LDS, LDF, PISEXP, PSIDRYES
11926CLGL-0358-001Federal Litigation Clinic Seminar2.00Martin, Michael W / Louis-Jeune, Jennifer R / Weinstein, Ian ST10:30AM - 12:20PM Students must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registrationW62LAW9-05LDS, LDF, PISEXP, PSIDRYES
35516CRGL-0204-051Federal Sentencing Practice2.00Briccetti, Vincent LT06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW4-05  INLJYES
20303CLGL-0923-001Federal Tax Clinic Casework3.00Maresca, Elizabeth A.TBAStudents must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.TBA.BFS, LDS, LDF, PISEXP, PSBCFYES
20302CLGL-0921-001Federal Tax Clinic Seminar2.00Maresca, Elizabeth AW10:00AM - 11:50AMStudents must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.W62LAW9-05BFS, LDS, LDF, PISEXP, PSBCF, IBTYES
38488BKGL-0206-001Financial Analysis and Valuation2.00McKenna, MatthewT04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW3-08  BCFYES
11930BKGL-0332-001Financial Institutions Non-Banking2.00Carnell, Richard ST10:30AM - 12:20PM W62LAW4-08BFE CC, BCF, MSLCYES
15953BKGL-0330-051Financial Institutions: Banking3.00Carnell, Richard SMW11:00AM - 12:25PM W62LAW4-09BFE CC, BCF, MSLCYES
12024CMGL-0320-001First Amendment and the Evolution of Media2.00Goodale, James C / Bierbauer, ErikM04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW7-02IPIE INLJ, IPITYES
11935CLGL-0350-054Fundamental Lawyering Skills3.00Noisette, Leonard EM06:00PM - 08:50PMWailtist CourseW62LAW9-01LDSEXP, PS NO
11937CLGL-0350-056Fundamental Lawyering Skills3.00Charland, Stacy ER03:00PM - 05:50PMWaitlist CourseW62LAW7-03LDSEXP, PS NO
11948CLGL-0350-005Fundamental Lawyering Skills3.00Handelman, FrankT03:00PM - 05:50PMWaitlist CourseW62LAW4-05LDSEXP, PS NO
11950CLGL-0350-008Fundamental Lawyering Skills3.00Zgodny, VickiW01:00PM - 03:50PMWaitlist CourseW62LAW9-01LDSEXP, PS NO
20217CLGL-0350-058Fundamental Lawyering Skills3.00Lebovits, GeraldW06:30PM - 09:20PMWaitlist CourseW62LAW9-01LDSEXP, PS NO
30120CLGL-0350-004Fundamental Lawyering Skills3.00Clark, Anna MM03:00PM - 05:50PMWaitlist CourseW62LAW9-04LDSEXP, PS NO
30121CLGL-0350-051Fundamental Lawyering Skills3.00Snyder, TheodoreM06:00PM - 08:50PMWaitlist CourseW62LAW9-04LDSEXP, PS NO
32634CLGL-0350-009Fundamental Lawyering Skills3.00Constas, Dorothea AM03:00PM - 05:50PMWaitlist CourseW62LAW9-01LDSEXP, PS NO
32635CLGL-0350-059Fundamental Lawyering Skills3.00Andrews-Weber, AlisonW06:30PM - 09:20PMWaitlist CourseW62LAW9-04LDSEXP, PS NO
35556CLGL-0350-010Fundamental Lawyering Skills3.00Carter, Elizabeth CT03:00PM - 05:50PMWaitlist CourseW62LAW9-04LDSEXP, PS NO
35558CLGL-0350-052Fundamental Lawyering Skills3.00Dufresne, BernardR06:00PM - 08:50PMWaitlist CourseW62LAW9-01LDSEXP, PS NO
36102CLGL-0350-011Fundamental Lawyering Skills3.00Rubin, JayT03:00PM - 05:50PMWaitlist CourseW62LAW7-03LDSEXP, PS NO
36103CLGL-0350-057Fundamental Lawyering Skills3.00Francolla, BrianR06:00PM - 08:50PMWaitlist CourseW62LAW9-04LDSEXP, PS NO
36104CLGL-0350-013Fundamental Lawyering Skills3.00Marquez-Morales, RosevelieF12:00PM - 02:50PMWaitlist CourseW62LAW9-05LDSEXP, PS NO
36105CLGL-0350-014Fundamental Lawyering Skills3.00Gutierrez, RoxannaF12:00PM - 02:50PMWaitlist CourseW62LAW9-01LDSEXP, PS NO
36106CLGL-0350-015Fundamental Lawyering Skills3.00Lax, JoshuaR03:00PM - 05:50PMWaitlist CourseW62LAW9-04LDSEXP, PS NO
38070CLGL-0350-016Fundamental Lawyering Skills3.00Miller, Patricia BR03:00PM - 05:50PMWaitlist CourseW62LAW9-01LDSEXP, PS NO
36183SKGL-0299-001Fundamental Lawyering Skills for LLMs3.00van der Zandt, Carl MT02:00PM - 04:50PMLLM Students Only; Waitlist CourseW62LAW4-03 EXP YES
36185SKGL-0299-003Fundamental Lawyering Skills for LLMs3.00Stecklow, Wylie MR09:00AM - 11:50AMLLM Students Only; Waitlist CourseW62LAW4-03 EXP YES
36186SKGL-0299-051Fundamental Lawyering Skills for LLMs3.00Sant, Geoffrey R / Lee, CarolT06:00PM - 08:50PMLLM Students Only; Waitlist CourseW62LAW4-03 EXP YES
36187SKGL-0299-052Fundamental Lawyering Skills for LLMs3.00Lengeling, Philipp GW06:30PM - 09:20PMLLM Students Only; Waitlist CourseW62LAW4-04 EXP YES
35503BKGL-0402-051Fundamentals of Private Equity Fund Formation2.00Walsh, Kathleen AT06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW3-06   YES
36798JUGL-0359-001Gender, Violence and the Law2.00Barasch, AmyR04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW4-03PIF INLJYES
23143BUGL-0780-051Global Capital Markets and Governance2.00Jannace, WilliamS10:00AM - 05:00PMCondensed Course: Class meets Jan 25, Feb 1, 8, & 22, 2020W62LAW4-03ICE CC, BCF, IBT, MSLCYES
30087CPGL-0262-051Global Corporate Compliance3.00Haaland, LynnM06:00PM - 08:50PM W62LAW4-05ICEPSCC, BCF, IBT, MSLCYES
27354TXGL-0369-001Globalization of American Corporations: Tax and Regulatory Policies2.00McKenna, MatthewM04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW4-04  BCF, IBTYES
14524HEGL-0290-051Health Care Policy and the Law2.00Luftig, Wendy J / Zarett, David AT07:55PM - 09:45PM W62LAW4-04PIEWR REQINLJYES
39001LWGL-0708-01House 1/2 Meeting Landau, Joseph BM01:00PM - 01:50PM W62LAW3-01   NO
39002LWGL-0708-02House 3/4 Meeting Erichson, Howard MM12:00PM - 12:50PM W62LAW3-02   NO
39003LWGL-0708-03House 5/6 Meeting Sugin, Linda FM01:00PM - 01:50PM W62LAW3-03   NO
39004LWGL-0708-04House 7/8 Meeting Davidson, NestorM12:00PM - 12:50PM W62LAW3-03   NO
39005LWGL-0708-05House 9 Meeting Bender, Helen HR07:55PM - 08:45PM W62LAW3-03   NO
28022BUGL-0929-051How Mergers and Acquisitions Get Done3.00Bonaventura, Richard RT06:00PM - 08:50PM W62LAW3-09 PSBCF, IBTYES
35564ITGL-0444-051Human Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility3.00Flaherty, Martin S / Lee, EmilyT06:00PM - 08:50PM W62LAW3-08  INLJYES
30140ITGL-0356-001Human Rights Crowley Fieldwork1.00Higgins, Tracy E / Wickeri, Elisabeth.TBA TBA.   NO
11976ITGL-0350-001Human Rights Crowley Seminar2.00Higgins, Tracy E / Fenrich, Jeanmarie K / Wickeri, ElisabethT10:30AM - 12:20PM W62LAW4-06ICSPS NO
38703ITGL-0442-001Human Rights Law3.00Galizzi, Paolo / McDougall, Gay JTR02:00PM - 03:25PM W62LAW4-08ICF INLJYES
35555RMGL-0402-001Human Rights: Coming to Terms with Historical Justice Through Reparations2.00Taylor, GideonR04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW4-06  INLJYES
27551TXGL-0348-002Income Tax4.00Katsoris, ConstantineTR02:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW8-01BFF, PIE BCF, IBTYES
32530CMGL-0341-001Information Privacy Law3.00Waldman, Ari ER09:30AM - 12:20PM W62LAW4-08IPIF CC, IPIT, MSLCYES
39431CMGL-0341-051Information Privacy Law2.00Norton, Thomas BW06:30PM - 08:20PM W62LAW8-01IPIF CC, IPIT, MSLCYES
27633LTGL-0622-051Intellectual Property Drafting2.00Fowler-Williams, Mavis KM07:55PM - 09:45PMWaitlist Course. Only one drafting class permitted per semester.W62LAW4-03IPISEXP, PS NO
32500IPGL-0135-001Intellectual Property Law4.00Hansen, Hugh CTR06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW3-01IPIF IPITYES
25511ITGL-0359-051International Business Transactions3.00Sicard-Mirabal, JosefaR06:00PM - 08:50PM W62LAW2-01AICF BCF, IBTYES
38498ITGL-0691-001International Commercial Law Seminar2.00Block-Lieb, SusanR10:30AM - 12:20PM W62LAW3-05 WR REQ NO
27621CPGL-0592-051International Financial Crime2.00Manwah, GeraldW06:30PM - 08:20PM W62LAW3-09 WR REQCC, IBT, MSLCYES
12889CLGL-0430-001International Human Rights Clinic Casework3.00Mgbako, Chito A.TBAStudents must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.TBA.ICS, PISEXP, PSINLJYES
30680CLGL-0431-001International Human Rights Clinic Seminar2.00Mgbako, Chito AR02:00PM - 03:50PM Students must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.W62LAW9-05ICS, PISEXP, PSINLJYES
32596ITGL-0516-051International Law3.00Shulman, Mark RussellW06:30PM - 09:20PM W62LAW4-08ICF IBT, INLJYES
36189SKGL-0321-051International Law and Justice Practicum2.00Tsankov, MimiM06:00PM - 07:50PMLLM Students OnlyW62LAW3-08 EXPINLJYES
39504ITGL-0235-001International Litigation and Arbitration3.00Bookman, PamelaMW10:30AM - 11:55AM W62LAW7-02ICF, LDF IBT, IDRYES
38454ITGL-0357-001International Taxation3.00Kysar, Rebecca MTR11:00AM - 12:25PM W62LAW3-09BFE, ICE BCF, IBTYES
27629CMGL-0299-001Internet Based Crimes2.00Bloom, Douglas BM04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW4-07IPIE CC, IBT, IPIT, MSLCYES
12009CLGL-0344-001Introduction to the Deal3.00Rolfe, Harold EW09:00AM - 11:50AMWaitlist CourseW62LAW3-07BFSEXP, PS NO
15864CLGL-0344-051Introduction to the Deal3.00Rachofsky, RobertW06:30PM - 09:20PMWaitlist CourseW62LAW4-05BFSEXP, PS NO
13149ITGL-0101-051Introduction to the United States Legal System and Process3.00Jaeger Fine, Toni MR06:00PM - 08:50PMOpen to LLM ONLY; Not open to LLM students who hold a JD from a U.S. law school.W62LAW3-09   YES
28795ITGL-0101-001Introduction to the United States Legal System and Process3.00Jaeger Fine, Toni MR09:30AM - 12:20PMOpen to LL.M ONLY; Not open to LLM students who hold a JD from a U.S. law school.W62LAW3-03   YES
20245CNGL-0216-001Introduction to United States Contract Law4.00Alvarez, Manuel JTR04:00PM - 05:50PMOnly open to MSL and international LLM students Must attend first class or will be automatically dropped from course.W62LAW4-01  BCF, IBT, IPITYES
20304EHGL-0226-051Introduction to United States Legal Profession (LLM Students Only)2.00Keyko, David G / Paradise, Jennifer AR06:30PM - 09:20PM Students can only take one Professional Responsibility course, LLM Only; not open to LLM students who hold a JD from a U.S. law school, Condensed Course: begins 2/20/20W62LAW4-02 PR YES
32516BKGL-0615-051Investment Management Regulation and Compliance2.00Neus, Michael CM07:55PM - 09:45PM W62LAW7-02  CC, BCF, MSLCYES
12075JUGL-0347-001Jewish Law: Sources, Principles, Jurisprudence2.00Sinclair, DanielTR10:00AM - 12:25PM Condensed Semester Course:meets January 16-February 18, 2020W62LAW7-02ICEWR REQINLJYES
38455LTGL-0351-051Labor and Employment Law Drafting3.00Padow, Judith IW06:30PM - 09:20PMWaitlist Course. Only one drafting class permitted per semester.W62LAW3-06PISEXP, PS NO
35418LBGL-0359-001Labor Law4.00Brudney, James JMW10:30AM - 12:20PM W62LAW4-07PIE BCF, INLJYES
12086PRGL-0363-051Land Use Law2.00Fazio, Christine AR06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW4-04PIE INLJYES
35512ECGL-0336-001Law and Economics3.00Pfaff, John FTR09:30AM - 10:55AM W62LAW7-03PIF  YES
12047HEGL-0363-051Law and Medicine2.00Richman, Howard SR07:55PM - 09:45PM W62LAW4-04 WR REQINLJYES
38475ETGL-0381-051Law and Professional Sports2.00Edelman, Marc LW06:30PM - 08:20PM W62LAW4-07   YES
23142ITGL-0123-001Law Practice Fieldwork for Graduate Students2.00Jaeger Fine, Toni M.TBALL.M. & MSL Registration by permission onlyTBA. EXP, PS YES
23144ITGL-0226-001Law Practice Seminar for Graduate Students1.00Jaeger Fine, Toni MT08:30AM - 10:20AMLL.M. & M.S.L. Registration by permission only Condensed Course: 7 class meetings TBAW62LAW8-01 EXP, PS YES
29300CLGL-0807-001Lawyers as Facilitators3.00Feerick, John D / Gerstel, LindaR02:00PM - 04:50PM W62LAW7-02LDE IDRYES
25500JUGL-0321-001Legal Issues in Gaming2.00Jacoby, David E / Roth, Judith SR09:30AM - 11:20AM W62LAW4-06IPIE IPITYES
14005LTGL-0106-001Legal Writing and Research 1A3.00Minnefor, Eileen AR04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW5-02   NO
14014LTGL-0106-002Legal Writing and Research 1B3.00England, Travis WR04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW3-05   NO
14015LTGL-0106-003Legal Writing and Research 2A3.00White, Katherine PW09:00AM - 10:50AM W62LAW3-02   NO
14016LTGL-0106-004Legal Writing and Research 2B3.00Moskowitz Parness, Eve SM10:00AM - 11:50AM W62LAW4-04   NO
14017LTGL-0106-005Legal Writing and Research 3A3.00Freiberg, Jay WF09:00AM - 10:50AM W62LAW4-09   NO
14018LTGL-0106-006Legal Writing and Research 3B3.00Blattmachr, Jonathan DF09:00AM - 10:50AM W62LAW4-08   NO
14019LTGL-0106-007Legal Writing and Research 4A3.00Weintraub, Jeremy MF09:00AM - 10:50AM W62LAW3-05   NO
14020LTGL-0106-008Legal Writing and Research 4B3.00Collins, John PF09:00AM - 10:50AM W62LAW4-07   NO
14021LTGL-0106-009Legal Writing and Research 5A3.00Ramos, Leah AT04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW3-05   NO
14022LTGL-0106-010Legal Writing and Research 5B3.00Chin, DennyF11:30AM - 01:20PM W62LAW4-07   NO
14023LTGL-0106-011Legal Writing and Research 6A3.00Wirth, Mary AT04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW4-04   NO
14024LTGL-0106-012Legal Writing and Research 6B3.00Cheng De Castro, Pei PeiR04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW3-02   NO
14026LTGL-0106-013Legal Writing and Research 7A3.00Yellen, James DF11:30AM - 01:20PM W62LAW4-08   NO
14027LTGL-0106-014Legal Writing and Research 7B3.00Robbin, SaraF11:30AM - 01:20PM W62LAW3-06   NO
14028LTGL-0106-015Legal Writing and Research 8A3.00Beser, Chelsea JF11:30AM - 01:20PM W62LAW7-02   NO
14029LTGL-0106-016Legal Writing and Research 8B3.00Sacks, Sarah MF11:30AM - 01:20PM W62LAW4-04   NO
14030LTGL-0106-051Legal Writing and Research 9A3.00Prevost, Christopher CT07:55PM - 09:45PM W62LAW2-01A   NO
34416LTGL-0106-052Legal Writing and Research 9B3.00Marutollo, Joseph AT07:55PM - 09:45PM W62LAW4-08   NO
31432LTGL-0106-057Legal Writing and Research 9C3.00Gerzog, LawrenceT07:55PM - 09:45PM W62LAW4-09   NO
36384LTGL-0106-053Legal Writing and Research 9D3.00Cha Kim, StephenT07:55PM - 09:45PM W62LAW9-05   NO
14032LTGL-0106-017Legal Writing and Research C3.00Wegrzyn, Brian JF09:00AM - 10:50AM W62LAW9-05   NO
14033LTGL-0106-018Legal Writing and Research D3.00Hart, Andrew DM04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW4-01   NO
23936LTGL-0106-019Legal Writing and Research E3.00Haddad, Nicholas WT04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW3-02   NO
26351LTGL-0106-056Legal Writing and Research F3.00Lane, Michael JF11:30AM - 01:20PM W62LAW4-09   NO
25499LTGL-0225-051Legal Writing and Research for LLMs2.00Ward, Sheila JT10:00AM - 11:50AMNot open to LLM students who hold a JD from a U.S. law school.W62LAW4-03   YES
33639LTGL-0225-053Legal Writing and Research for LLMs2.00Jazini, MaryamW06:30PM - 08:20PM W62LAW4-06   YES
33641LTGL-0225-004Legal Writing and Research for LLMs2.00Chan, Margaret AM06:00PM - 07:50PMNot open to LLM students who hold a JD from a US law schoolW62LAW3-02   YES
36182LTGL-0225-001Legal Writing and Research for LLMs2.00Zubi, LeilaT04:00PM - 05:50PMNot open to LLM students who hold a JD from a US law schoolW62LAW3-07   YES
31430LTGL-0106-020Legal Writing and Research G3.00Browne, Frances KF09:00AM - 10:50AM W62LAW3-06   NO
31431LTGL-0106-021Legal Writing and Research H3.00Neustadt, Frederic LR04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW3-09   NO
17898FCGL-0129-001Legislation and Regulation 1 and 24.00Brudney, James JMW02:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW3-01   NO
17899FCGL-0129-002Legislation and Regulation 3 and 44.00Saiger, Aaron JMW01:00PM - 02:50PM W62LAW3-02   NO
17900FCGL-0129-003Legislation and Regulation 5 and 64.00Gordon, Jennifer LTR02:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW4-02   NO
17901FCGL-0129-004Legislation and Regulation 7 and 84.00Shugerman, Jed EW09:30AM - 10:55AM W62LAW4-01   NO
17901FCGL-0129-004Legislation and Regulation 7 and 8 Shugerman, Jed ER10:00AM - 12:20PM W62LAW4-01   NO
25536FCGL-0129-051Legislation and Regulation 94.00Leib, EthanM06:00PM - 09:50PM W62LAW3-01   NO
36489FCGL-0906-051Legislation and Regulation for Non-J.D.s3.00Raykher, SimonT06:00PM - 08:50PMNot open to J.D. studentsW62LAW4-07  MSLCYES
12591CLGL-0520-001Legislative and Policy Advocacy Clinic Casework3.00Cooper, Elizabeth BT05:00PM - 05:50PMStudents must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.W62LAW8-01PISEXP, PSINLJYES
12592CLGL-0510-001Legislative and Policy Advocacy Clinic Seminar2.00Cooper, Elizabeth BR04:00PM - 05:50PM Students must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.W62LAW9-05PISEXP, PSINLJYES
20247ITGL-0213-001Litigation Management for the International Lawyer (LLM Students Only)3.00Safer, Jay GW08:00AM - 10:50AMLLM Only; not open to LLM students who hold a JD from a U.S. law schoolW62LAW3-08  BCF, IBT, IDRYES
36191SKGL-0615-051LL.M. International Arbitration Practicum2.00Sicard-Mirabal, Josefa / Hanessian, GrantM06:00PM - 07:50PMLLM Students OnlyW62LAW7-03 EXPIBT, IDRYES
39360JUGL-0929-001Market Structure and Democracy2.00Teachout, Zephyr RW02:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW3-05PIF  YES
32506LTGL-0505-051Media Law Drafting3.00Feinberg, Robert A / Northrop, Patricia TW10:00AM - 12:50PMWaitlist Course. Only one drafting class permitted per semester.W62LAW7-03IPISEXP, PS NO
38317CLGL-0301-001Mediation and ADR Research and Writing1.00Nolan-Haley, Jacqueline.TBA TBA.   NO
27628CLGL-0336-051Mediation Clinic: Casework Bronx1.00O'Connor-Samuels, Debra / Clemants, Elizabeth AR06:30PM - 09:20PMMeeting Location: Off-Site Students must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.TBA.LDS, LDFEXP, PSIDRYES
32507CLGL-0336-052Mediation Clinic: Casework Manhattan1.00Crowe, Elizabeth NT06:30PM - 09:20PMMeeting Location: Off-Site Students must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.TBA.LDS, LDFEXP, PSIDRYES
27587CLGL-0336-053Mediation Clinic: Casework Queens1.00Metis, Peter / Clemants, Elizabeth AR06:30PM - 09:20PMMeeting Location: Off-Site Students must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.TBA.LDS, LDFEXP, PSIDRYES
38526ITGL-0555-001Mediation: International and Comparative Perspective2.00Nolan-Haley, JacquelineW10:30AM - 12:20PM W62LAW4-04ICE, LDE INLJ, IDRYES
34270HEGL-0262-051Medical Malpractice Litigation Practicum3.00Shlahet, Adam DW06:30PM - 09:20PM W62LAW7-03 EXP, PS YES
17953BUGL-0407-001Mergers and Acquisitions3.00Kessler, Daniel JTR04:00PM - 05:25PM W62LAW3-01BFE BCF, IBTYES
13750CLGL-0321-051Mergers and Acquisitions Agreement2.00Halasz, Peter J / Friedman, David JR06:00PM - 07:50PMOnly open to international LLM students;W62LAW3-05 PSBCF, IBTYES
35380ITGL-0650-002National Security: War, Crime and the Rule of Law2.00Greenberg, Karen JW02:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW8-01 WR REQINLJYES
13126BUGL-0371-001Negotiations2.00Shapiro, Deborah AW09:30AM - 11:20AM W62LAW3-05LDEEXP, PS YES
12031CVGL-0414-001New York Practice3.00Dillon, Mark CM02:00PM - 04:50PM W62LAW3-09LDF  YES
32508TXGL-0780-001Partnership Tax4.00Colon, Jeffrey MMW11:00AM - 12:50PM W62LAW4-03BFF BCF, IBTYES
12051IPGL-0231-051Patent Litigation2.00Normile, John J / Coggio, Brian DT06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW9-05IPISWR REQIPIT, IDRYES
31450IPGL-0105-051Patent Practice Skills2.00Bollinger, James MR06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW4-05IPIEPS NO
11957INGL-0202-051Perspectives on Doctrinal Analysis2.00Pieper, Johan GR06:00PM - 08:50PM W62LAW3-04   NO
38911CIGL-0551-001Poverty Law2.00Huntington, ClareT02:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW4-04PIEWR REQINLJYES
39373CLGL-1129-009Pro Bono Clinic Casework: Family Advocacy10.00Hill, Leah A.TBA TBA. EXP NO
34109CLGL-1129-001Pro Bono Scholar Clinic Casework: Consumer Litigation10.00Silverman, Marcella B.TBAStudents must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.TBA. EXP, PS NO
25492CLGL-1129-002Pro Bono Scholar Clinic Casework: Criminal Defense10.00Rayner, Martha G / Bader, Cheryl G.TBAStudents must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.TBA. EXP, PS NO
34091CLGL-0129-001Pro Bono Scholar Seminar2.00Schwartz, Beth GT06:00PM - 07:50PMStudents must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registrationW62LAW7-02 EXP, PS NO
12033EHGL-0203-003Professional Responsibility3.00Green, Bruce AMW11:00AM - 12:25PM Students can only take one Professional Responsibility courseW62LAW4-01 PR YES
32509EHGL-0203-004Professional Responsibility3.00Cohen, JamesMW12:30PM - 01:55PMStudents can only take one Professional Responsibility courseW62LAW4-01 PR YES
38485EHGL-0203-HBDProfessional Responsibility (Hybrid)3.00Pearce, Russell GT06:00PM - 07:30PMCourse meets in-class and online. Initially open to JD evening students. Open to day students on Oct. 30 at 5:00pm. JD students only.W62LAW4-02 PR NO
15869EHGL-0208-051Professional Responsibility: Corporate Counsel3.00Stewart, Charles EM06:00PM - 08:50PM Students can only take one Professional Responsibility courseW62LAW4-07 PRBCFYES
38428PRGL-0107-005Property 5 and 64.00Davidson, NestorTR10:30AM - 12:20PM W62LAW4-02   NO
32314PRGL-0107-004Property 7 and 84.00Kainen, James LT10:30AM - 12:20PM W62LAW3-03   NO
32314PRGL-0107-004Property 7 and 8 Kainen, James LR02:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW3-03   NO
34324ITGL-0992-001Protection of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Under International Human Rights Law2.00Hudson, Zachary TT06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW4-04ICE INLJYES
38540HEGL-0369-01Psychology and Criminal Law2.00Cohen, James / Rosenfeld, Barry DM04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW3-08PIE INLJYES
33710INGL-0615-001Quantitative Methods for Graduate Students1.00Gottlieb, Mark S / Dowd, Raymond JF09:00AM - 11:50AMCondensed Course: Class meets 2/14, 2/21, 2/28, 3/13/ 2020W62LAW3-01  CC, MSLCYES
14192CLGL-0873-001Queens District Attorney Prosecution Clinic Casework3.00Duddy, Kevin M / Horgan, Sheila A.TBAStudents must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.TBA.LDS, LDF, PISEXP, PSINLJ, IDRYES
14191CLGL-0870-001Queens District Attorney Prosecution Clinic Seminar2.00Duddy, Kevin M / Horgan, Sheila AM04:00PM - 05:50PM Students must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.W62LAW9-05LDS, LDF, PISEXP, PSINLJ, IDRYES
32505CIGL-0521-001Race and the Law3.00Paul-Emile, Kimani CW10:00AM - 12:50PM W62LAW3-06PIF INLJYES
35504PRGL-0415-051Real Estate Finance2.00Korda, Peter JW06:30PM - 08:20PM W62LAW3-08  BCFYES
27303PRGL-0422-051Real Estate Transactions2.00Goldman, Deborah LT06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW3-04  BCFYES
36430RMGL-0204-001Remedies3.00Conk, George WM01:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW4-09LDFWR REQIDRYES
27607PRGL-0515-051Residential Landlord Tenant Law2.00Lebovits, GeraldT06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW8-01   YES
13081CLGL-0639-001Samuel Glushko Intellectual Property and Information Law Clinic Casework3.00Lazebnik, Ron.TBAStudents must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.TBA.IPIS, LDS, LDFEXP, PSIPITYES
17910CLGL-0629-002Samuel Glushko Intellectual Property and Information Law Clinic Seminar2.00Lazebnik, Ron / Lin, Rachel JT10:30AM - 12:20PM Students must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.W62LAW9-01IPIE, LDS, LDFEXP, PSIPITYES
38872COGL-0321-052Secured Transactions3.00Chin, Sylvia FT06:00PM - 08:50PM W62LAW4-01BFE BCFYES
32510SCGL-0605-051Securities Litigation2.00Dubbs, Thomas AW06:30PM - 08:20PM W62LAW9-05  BCFYES
12014CLGL-0382-001Securities Litigation and Arbitration Clinic Casework3.00Radvany, Paul BT09:00AM - 12:00PMStudents must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.TBA.BFS, LDS, LDF, PISEXP, PSBCF, IBTYES
12013CLGL-0381-001Securities Litigation and Arbitration Clinic Seminar2.00Radvany, Paul BR09:00AM - 11:50AM Students must notify the Clinic Office if they plan to drop their registration.W62LAW9-05BFS, LDS, LDF, PISEXP, PSBCF, IBTYES
12091SCGL-0417-051Securities Regulation3.00Jalil, James PM06:00PM - 08:50PM W62LAW4-02BFF, PIE CC, BCF, MSLCYES
37087SCGL-0417-001Securities Regulation3.00Thel, Steven STR04:00PM - 05:25PM W62LAW4-08BFF, PIE CC, BCF, MSLCYES
30095LTGL-0153-002Securities Regulation Drafting3.00Drago, Thomas JW01:00PM - 03:50PMWaitlist Course. Only one drafting class permitted per semester.W62LAW3-06BFSEXP, PS NO
12088SCGL-0299-051Securitization2.00O'Connell, Edward JR06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW4-01  CC, BCF, MSLCYES
38705IPGL-0152-001Smart Securities and Blockchain Regulations2.00Redel, Donna CM10:30AM - 12:20PM W62LAW3-09  CC, BCF, IPITYES
35523TXGL-0402-001Tax and Budget Policy2.00Kysar, Rebecca MT02:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW9-05 WR REQIBTYES
27305COGL-0206-001Topics in Entrepreneurial Law2.00Kilb, Karl PM04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW3-05  BCFYES
32312TOGL-0108-002Torts 1 and 24.00Zipursky, BenjaminTR09:30AM - 11:20AM W62LAW3-02   NO
11795TOGL-0108-001Torts 3 and 44.00Cox, Courtney MTR10:30AM - 12:20PM W62LAW3-01   NO
12052IPGL-0304-051Trademark Law2.00Prager, Eric AT06:00PM - 07:50PMNo prerequisite for LL.M. studentsW62LAW4-09IPIF IPITYES
20946CLGL-0419-001Trial and Arbitration Advocacy3.00Montgomery, Kenneth J / Shlahet, Adam DM09:30AM - 12:20PMWaitlist CourseW62LAW1-03LDFEXP, PS NO
20948CLGL-0419-053Trial and Arbitration Advocacy3.00Heatherly, Gail E / Shlahet, Adam DT06:00PM - 08:50PMWaitlist CourseW62LAW1-01LDFEXP, PS NO
40094CLGL-0419-003Trial and Arbitration Advocacy3.00Shlahet, Adam DR02:00PM - 04:50PM W62LAW1-03LDFEXP, PS NO
30097LTGL-0345-052Trusts and Estates Drafting3.00Weissbart, Sean R / Dillon, BradT06:00PM - 08:50PMWaitlist Course. Only one drafting class permitted per semester.W62LAW9-01 EXP, PS NO
13052ESGL-0521-051Trusts and Wills4.00Barbieri, Lisa / McCarthy, Deborah YTR06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW3-02   YES
30098ESGL-0521-001Trusts and Wills4.00Hernandez, Tanya KTR02:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW3-04   YES
38499HSGL-0203-001United States Constitutional History2.00Shugerman, Jed E / Cornell, Saul AW02:00PM - 03:50PM W62LAW4-06PIF INLJYES
30593LTGL-0329-051Upper-Class Legal Writing Workshop2.00Johnson, Jennifer ER06:30PM - 08:20PM W62LAW7-03   NO
35534LTGL-0329-002Upper-Class Legal Writing Workshop2.00Chung, Susanna YR10:30AM - 12:20PM W62LAW3-06   NO
38893EVGL-0321-001Urban Lab2.00Davidson, Nestor / Hinze, Annika MR04:00PM - 05:50PM W62LAW4-04   NO
38892EVGL-1321-001Urban Lab Fieldwork1.00Davidson, Nestor / Hinze, Annika M.TBA TBA.   NO
20301CRGL-0210-051White Collar Criminal Investigations and Parallel Civil Proceedings2.00Blum, Ronald G / Gardephe, Paul GM06:00PM - 07:50PM W62LAW8-01  INLJYES